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Jill Johnson

Jill specializes in helping people live a pain free and healthy life.

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Dan Johnson

Dan is known for his ability to help people achieve total relaxation.

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Jill & Dan

Laughter professors sharing their passion for Joyful Living.

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyYoga Therapy / LifeForce Yoga

A personalized approach to health, healing and freedom from pain.

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyMassage / MYK

Relax and rejuvenate your body into your optimum happy place.

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyLaughter Yoga

Yes, Laughter Yoga. It’s the best medicine!

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyDeep Relaxation

Guided relaxations for stress management and healing.

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyBeginning Yoga

Cultivate a sense of well being, strength, and relaxation.

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F1a-Jill-JoyfulLivingTherapyLaugh For The Health of It

Laugh your way to better health, fitness, and less stress.

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