• "Each yoga therapy session with Jill began with a consultation, and from there she designed a routine personalized to my needs. She showed me how to do the exercises all the while keeping me aware of my breathing and pain-free range of motion. Jill’s sessions truly helped me. Without hesitation, I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an alternative method of pain relief."
  • "I came to Jill with some dysfunction with my body from a car accident. She taught me the importance of releasing tension and finding ease during our sessions. She was very professional and enjoyable to work with, and offered a safe, comfortable environment to work in. "
  • "I loved the comfortable, friendly environment, reassurance of doing things pain free, courtesy, respect, and the feeling of relaxation. Working with Jill I gained an improved sense of self and awareness of motions that cause pain, improved flexibility and overall reduction in pain level."
  • "Dan's ability to intuitively move with my body's energy was a beautiful dance. The most relaxing massage ever! Thank you Dan!"
  • "The on-site chair massages we have offered to our employees at Howalt+McDowell Insurance have been a tremendous benefit to our team.  The feedback we receive from the individuals consists of gratitude to the organization for offering them and high praise for the service Dan provides. They look forward to receiving the massage from the moment they sign up. I believe offering this service increases productivity and has been a morale booster for our team."
    Human Resource Director, Howalt+McDowell Insurance
  • "I recommend Dan Johnson as a massage therapist. His love for his healing work makes the intuitive massage session very worthwhile. Your body and Soul will be thanking you."

JillMeet Jill

Inner Peace – Calming – Physical Healing – Joy.

There are no better words to describe Jill Johnson and the impact she has on her clients’ lives. As a therapeutic yoga teacher, Jill Johnson specializes in helping people live a pain free and healthy life.

Jill’s holistic approach to health and wellness through use of pure movement has consistently led to reduction and elimination of physical pain for her clients. She is known for her compassionate and caring yoga leadership and true dedication to helping individuals discover inner peace and pain-free living. Jill works with her clients to find peace in movement, and she leads an enriching process of becoming more functional and healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Jill’s credentials include:

  • Somatics Clinical Techniques Intensive with Yoga North’s International SomaYoga Institute, January 2016
  • SomaYoga and Somatics Intensive Training with Yoga North’s International SomaYoga Institute, January 2016
  • LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training for Depression and Anxiety with Amy Weintraub, January 2016
  • Therapeutic Yoga Intensive training with Susi Hately, Calgary, Canada, Fall 2013
  • Co-owner of The Dharma Room Yoga & Wellness Center, 2008-2012
  • Co-creator and organizer of the Sioux Falls Holistic Health and Wellness Fair, 2008 – present
  • Appointed Laughter Ambassador by Laughter Yoga Founder Dr. Madan Kataria, 2008
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer, 2008
  • E-RYT, Experienced Yoga Teacher, 2008
  • Certified Cardiac and Cancer Yoga Therapist through “Yoga of the Heart”® with Nischala Joy Devi, 2007
  • RYT 200, Registered Yoga Teacher, 1999

But if you ask her clients – her most meaningful credential that she offers is her kind, calming, and joyful spirit which positively affects the lives of others.

DanMeet Dan

Dan Johnson is known for his ability to help people achieve total relaxation and healing through various modalities including massage therapy and the MYK (Myokinesthetic) System.

Dan’s intuitive massage techniques have consistently helped improve the overall health of his clients. But, the massages are more than just a rub. His ability to deeply listen to their issues in their tissues allows the client to free themselves to their optimum blueprint of total health. His spiritual insights help release tension and often emotions from the present, and past, in both body and spirit. Dan calls it a dance, and when the individual is open to receiving the result is a more balanced and centered state of well being.

Dan’s credentials include:

  • Certified Myokinesthetic (MYK) System Provider, 2015
  • Lomi Lomi Massage, 2014
  • Indian Head Massage, 2012
  • Licensed Massage Therapist through the South Dakota School of Massage Therapy, 2011
  • Certified Laughter Coach through The Levity Institute, 2008
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer and Laughter Ambassador, 2008
  • Certified Life Coach through the Coaching Alliance, 2006

Dan_and_JillAbout Jill & Dan

Jill and her husband Dan have become affectionately known as the “laughter couple” for their coaching and yoga techniques which incorporate laughter to bring more joy to their clients’ personal and professional lives. They are laughter professors with a mission – to share their passion for joyful, positive living with everyone they meet.

Together, they offer laughter workshops, corporate wellness programs, laughter life coaching, laughter therapy, and laughter products. They are dynamic presenters who specialize in uplifting presentations tailored to fit any organization whether it’s corporate executives, church personnel or chronically ill patients. Jill and Dan have helped empower thousands of people better connect with their goals and let go of emotional blocks through laughter.

Both Jill and Dan are Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and Trainers and Laughter Ambassadors.