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This product offers two opportunities to release stress and facilitate healing: a fifteen-minute session that’s appropriate for home or work use, and a thirty-minute session for completely letting go of stress and fatigue. The techniques used are effective and easy. They activate the relaxation response, creating a stillness of body and mind.


“As a surgeon I recommend deep relaxation as a safe and effective technique for stress management and healing. Listening to Jill’s soothing voice and easy to follow instructions will help guide anyone to a deeply relaxed state.”

~ Juliann Reiland-Smith, MD, FACS, Comprehensive Breast Care P.C.


Upon completion of your order you will receive a link to download the audio files of this CD. If you are interested in purchasing a physical CD please contact us for payment/shipping arrangements.


One dollar of every CD sold is donated to the Therapeutic Healing Institute, a non-profit organization. Their mission is to offer integrative healing services to cancer patients of any age, gender, ethnicity, or economic background at no charge. For more information go to