If you enjoy your local Laughter Yoga Club, or have experienced a Laughter Yoga presentation, this resource is for you. It recreates the fun and stress releasing experience of Laughter Yoga that you can enjoy anytime you need it. Dan and Jill Johnson, along with their laughter buddies, bring their enthusiasm and warm personalities to this experience. This is one you’ll definitely want as part of your Laughter Yoga library.

Included in this download:

  • 20 Laughter Yoga Exercises with Separate Introduction and Warm-ups
  • 10 Minute Guided Relaxation
  • 3 Fun Dance Tracks to Get You Moving!!


“Laughter is the best medicine! With this Laughter Yoga CD, Dan and Jill will have you laughing your way to better health and less stress from the first giggle!”

~ Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga Movement Founder


Upon completion of your order you will receive a link to download the audio files of this CD. If you are interested in purchasing a physical CD please contact us for payment/shipping arrangements.


One dollar of each CD sold goes to the International Laughter Yoga Foundation to support the ultimate objective of bringing world peace through laughter.