Laughter Makes Business Sense

Our powerful message teaches others that laughter really is the best medicine. Our expertise in educating and engaging your audience is the key to a successful event. Our laughter programs will help your attendees learn to have more fun in their professional and personal lives. It will increase energy levels, reduce stress, decrease conflict, improve creativity, inspire teamwork, and much more. We will motivate your audience to laugh their way to success.

And we’re not talking about sitting and listening to a lecture and hoping that your employees or co-workers ‘get it’; we’re talking about experiencing! Having a kinesthetic experience, or one where everyone feels the physical and emotional connections in their body, is invaluable to reproducing and continuing the techniques and philosophy in their everyday work world.

Our presentations are energizing and motivating. They teach others to think creatively and work productively through the use of laughter.

We guarantee you will laugh until it helps!


Consider utilizing laughter at the following events:

  • Conferences
    You can’t go wrong with Laughter at conferences. These brief, large-group laughter experiences can provide an excellent ice-breaker at the start of an event, revitalize the group after lunch, or deliver a memorable send-them-home-with-a-bang closing session.

  • Workshops & Breakouts
    Laughter can enable people to work cooperatively and collaboratively from the start. The entire group dynamic shifts after laughing together.

  • Training Days
    Create enjoyable events that encourage everyone’s participation. Laughter yoga is a fun and powerful way to help participants leave their inhibitions at the door and get into a serious creative and learning mode.

  • Meetings
    Energize and renew your staff. It makes good business sense. Laughter sessions help to dissolve tensions within a group. Just after the session may prove to be the best time to promote new initiatives and strategies

We are also available for keynotes, laughter leader trainings and business coaching. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and tailor a program to fit your goals and stay within your budget.



Dan_and_JillAbout Jill & Dan


Jill and her husband Dan have become affectingly known as the “laughter couple” for their coaching and yoga techniques which incorporate laughter to bring more joy to their clients’ personal and professional lives. They are laughter professors with a mission – to share their passion for joyful, positive living with everyone they meet.

Together, they offer laughter workshops, corporate wellness programs, laughter life coaching, laughter therapy, and laughter products. They are dynamic presenters who specialize in uplifting presentations tailored to fit any organization whether it’s corporate executives, church personnel or chronically ill patients. Jill and Dan have helped empower thousands of people better connect with their goals and let go of emotional blocks through laughter.


Both Jill and Dan are Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and Trainers and Laughter Ambassadors.

Transform your business and come laugh with us!