• "Dan's ability to intuitively move with my body's energy was a beautiful dance. The most relaxing massage ever! Thank you Dan!"
  • "The on-site chair massages we have offered to our employees at Howalt+McDowell Insurance have been a tremendous benefit to our team.  The feedback we receive from the individuals consists of gratitude to the organization for offering them and high praise for the service Dan provides. They look forward to receiving the massage from the moment they sign up. I believe offering this service increases productivity and has been a morale booster for our team."
    Human Resource Director, Howalt+McDowell Insurance
  • "I recommend Dan Johnson as a massage therapist. His love for his healing work makes the intuitive massage session very worthwhile. Your body and Soul will be thanking you."
“The magic to me is how the tension in the body is related to so many different aspects of overall health. Reading this tension and being in tune with the needs of each client is what I do best.”

– Dan Johnson

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Spending time getting to know the needs of every client, Dan makes each session calming yet enjoyable through his passion for wellness as well as joyful living. His compassion, positive attitude and mindfulness always make his clients feel at ease, whether they’re getting a massage or an MYK treatment.

To schedule a session call or text Dan at (605) 413-8849.


Referral Program

Refer a new client that schedules an appointment with Dan or Jill and receive an immediate $25 credit for any service of your choice. It’s that simple!


Massage Therapy

The atmosphere Dan creates is a welcoming and safe place for his clients to let go of tension and attain complete relaxation. His massage techniques are individualized and tailored for the needs of each client – resulting in a unique and personalized massage session for full-body relaxation.

  • 30 minutes – $45 (+tax)
  • 60 minutes – $75 (+tax)
  • 90 minutes – $105 (+tax)
  • 3 session package – $195 (+tax) Save $30!
    • 3 60 minute massages to be used within 3 months of purchase. Use weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Worksite Chair Massage

Worksite chair massage is an outstanding employee benefit to bring to your business. Receiving a 10 minute chair massage gives your staff members a chance to relax and get immediate relief from workday stress. Following a massage, they are physically and mentally charged up to become highly productive again. Corporate chair massage is a quick and energizing tune-up that is cost effective and less time consuming than a coffee break.


MYK System Treatments

Myokinesthetic System    Myo = muscle   Kinesthetic = movement 

What is the Myokinesthetic System? MYK is a fresh approach to pain relief. This muscle movement technique corrects and balances the nervous system. One of the main things MYK addresses is posture. By balancing the posture, we balance the nervous system. When the nervous system is balanced, the body begins to work the way it’s supposed to work with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing.

How is MYK different?

  • You don’t get undressed
  • No oils or creams
  • Only work on specific muscles along one nerve pathway
  • 3-15 minute sessions
  • Addresses specific complaints.

From Plantar Fasciitis to migraines to Carpal Tunnel, to name a few, people have shown improvement with the MYK System. Most people notice the benefits within 1-4 sessions (if done in the first week).

A typical session will include:

  • Narrowing to the main problem in the nervous system by assessing posture and asking questions
  • Working on specific muscles while I move, then you move through ranges of motion
  • Working on both sides of the body even if the symptoms are only on one side.

Costs and Packages

  • Posture Analysis – $15 (+tax)
  • Single MYK Session – $40 (+tax)
  • 3 Session Package with Posture Analysis – $120 (+tax)
    • In this package the Posture Analysis fee is waived.
    • 3 sessions to be done within one week of first appointment.


DanMeet Dan

Dan Johnson is known for his ability to help people achieve total relaxation and healing through various modalities including massage therapy and the MYK (Myokinesthetic) System.

Dan’s intuitive massage techniques have consistently helped improve the overall health of his clients. But, the massages are more than just a rub. His ability to deeply listen to their issues in their tissues allows the client to free themselves to their optimum blueprint of total health. His spiritual insights help release tension and often emotions from the present, and past, in both body and spirit. Dan calls it a dance, and when the individual is open to receiving the result is a more balanced and centered state of well being.