• "I loved the comfortable, friendly environment, reassurance of doing things pain free, courtesy, respect, and the feeling of relaxation. Working with Jill I gained an improved sense of self and awareness of motions that cause pain, improved flexibility and overall reduction in pain level."
  • "I came to Jill with some dysfunction with my body from a car accident. She taught me the importance of releasing tension and finding ease during our sessions. She was very professional and enjoyable to work with, and offered a safe, comfortable environment to work in. "
  • "Each yoga therapy session with Jill began with a consultation, and from there she designed a routine personalized to my needs. She showed me how to do the exercises all the while keeping me aware of my breathing and pain-free range of motion. Jill’s sessions truly helped me. Without hesitation, I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an alternative method of pain relief."

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a personalized approach to health, healing and freedom from pain. Many times pain in the body is a signal that there is dysfunction and compensation that we don’t even know we have. Or we have been pushing through pain for so long it is the only way we know how to carry on.

Therapeutic Yoga can help you find function again, and in profoundly simple ways.

Through a system of ease and relaxation, then building stability and strength, your body will rediscover what moving through a pain-free range means again. Learning how to move the major joints in their optimal range of movement (specifically for you), leads to dissolving pain or tension and ultimately results in better functional movement overall.


Who can Benefit from Yoga Therapy?

Whether you are in chronic pain from an injury or illness, pre- or post- surgery, or wanting to have a more optimum yoga practice, yoga therapy can help you. Therapeutic yoga is a gentle and effective system of movement and breath that is safe for all ages and levels of mobility.


LifeForce Yoga – Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

LifeForce Yoga® was developed by Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression and the founder and director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute as a means of working with mood management using yogic tools.

LifeForce Yoga is a multi-layered practice that meets the individual’sunspecified mood, then helps to shift the mood thus releasing the constrictions and uncovering one’s true self – the precious being you really are. Through movement, breathing techniques, mantra (sound) and mudra (hand gestures) people get in touch with their bodies and begin to ‘feel’ again.

LifeForce Yoga is designed to manage and transform mood with yoga techniques that can be done in an office chair. No yoga mat required!

The practice heightens self-awareness and releases old stories that loop through the brain and no longer serve who you are today.

Go to for more information.



Let me help you get back to living a more joyful life!


Referral Program

Refer a new client that schedules an appointment with Dan or Jill and receive an immediate $25 credit for any service of your choice. It’s that simple!



Group Yoga Classes and Workshops

  • Jill is offering group SomaYoga Classes at 4th Avenue Yoga. To see class information go to
  • LifeForce Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Workshops are held periodically at 4th Avenue Yoga.
  • Yoga Nidra with Tibetan Singing Bowls is held bi-monthly at 122 S. Phillips Ave, #220. Each session is $20.

See the calendar of events for details and contact Jill to register or for more information.


One-on-One Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Enjoy focused care as you learn and experience moving your body through a pain free range that builds ease, stability and strength.

75 minutes – $75 (+tax)


LifeForce Yoga Introductory Package

One hour and 45-minute Introductory session with assessment
2 90-minute follow-up sessions
Take home practice
1 follow-up email consultation


LifeForce Yoga Introductory Package

1 90-minute session: $100
3 90-minute sessions: $270
6 90-minute sessions: $500


Mindfulness for Your Business

Jill is available to lead your business in meditation classes, chair yoga, or other public presentations on a variety of health and yoga-related topics. Jill is also available to create and consult on your custom yoga and wellness presentation needs.


JillMeet Jill

Inner Peace – Calming – Physical Healing – Joy.

There are no better words to describe Jill Johnson and the impact she has on her clients’ lives. As a therapeutic yoga teacher, Jill Johnson specializes in helping people live a pain free and healthy life.

Jill’s holistic approach to health and wellness through use of pure movement has consistently led to reduction and elimination of physical pain for her clients. As the co-owner of Joyful Living, Jill is known for her compassionate and caring yoga leadership and true dedication to helping individuals discover inner peace and pain-free living. Jill works with her clients to find peace in movement, and she leads an enriching process of becoming more functional and healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Jill’s credentials include certification as a cardiac and cancer yoga therapist through “Yoga of the Heart”®. And if you ask her clients – her most meaningful credential that she offers is her kind, calming, and joyful spirit which positively affects the lives of others.