Pain Free at Work

Friday, August 10


This 90 minute class guides you through a series of gentle, safe Somatic exercises, which, when practiced daily (or hourly) at your desk, will teach you to release tight, painful back, neck and shoulder muscles that have simple "forgotten" how to relax.

These muscles learn to stay tight due to long hours seated at a desk and they contribute to back, jaw, neck, shoulder, arm, and wrist pain. A few minutes each hour is all you need to remind these muscles to relax, release and "refresh," which will reduce or eliminate typical office pain and contribute to more energy during and after work.

Friday, Aug 10, 6-7:30pm

•    $39 class

•    4th Avenue Yoga, 1815 S. 4th Avenue Yoga

Pre-registration is required. Please click on the 'register' button below or call Jill at 605-413-8852 to save your spot. No yoga mat required, wear comfortable clothes. Space is limited. You'll leave with a handout of 3 short somatic sequences to do at your desk throughout your day. Classes held at 4th Avenue Yoga, 1815

• Relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain for work and home.
• Improve work posture
• Increase energy and enhance effectiveness
• This will primarily be a chair class with some standing movements

A daily Somatic Exercise practice reminds your brain how to release tight muscles so they can move more efficiently. It prepares your entire body to move with renewed balance, coordination and flexibility - and without pain.