It all started when...

...I asked him to dance and he said yes. It was our 20th High School Reunion and there was no one else on the dance floor. And he still said yes. It wasn't much later that I knew I had found my prince charming, soul mate and spiritual partner. Oh, and my favorite goofball.

Looking back we feel so blessed to have nurtured each other's spiritual journey, thus strengthening our journey together. It started with Dan attending a Tony Robbins seminar in Kansas City and it just took off from there. It felt as if our belief systems were being blown out of the water every other day! 

Our concept of a 9-5 job was questioned by the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and with Dan's support I left my corporate job and started a full-time yoga practice with cardiac and cancer therapeutic yoga. We found Laughter Yoga and that really expanded our awareness and literally changed our lives. We've met many of our dearest friends through the Laughter Yoga community and they nurture our spirits and help us to grow every day.

Then Dan started massage therapy and for a time I had a brick and mortar yoga studio, The Dharma Room. We've experienced and grown through the Course in Miracles, The Law of Attraction, and too many wonderfully enlightening retreats, trainings and vacations to mention. New friends and new experiences - there's a reason our business is called Joyful Living.

We're thankful to have a spiritual partner in each other and to see where tomorrow takes us... wherever it is we know it's going to be a blast.

Thank you, Dan, for saying yes to the dance...

Having fun on an Abraham-Hicks Land Cruise in 2014

Having fun on an Abraham-Hicks Land Cruise in 2014